Japanese Taiko Drum Workshops

Japanese Taiko Drum Workshops are fun and energetic, using huge powerful drums.

Taiko drumming can be traced back to the 6th century.  The size of these enormous drums and their distinctive low-end boom makes them a fun instrument to play.

After warm-ups and stretches, participants will learn a series of authentic patterns along with useful Japanese words to allow them to embrace the Japanese Culture and the power of Taiko drums.

“Evidence also suggests a link between mathematics and music, but there needs to be a stronger match between the skills being used – for example some types of music education can encourage improvement in some elements of maths more effectively than others. Studies have also shown a connection between music and increased scores in IQ. In both cases it is rhythmic music training that has been shown to make the greatest improvement”
A music-rich experience presents real benefits to children when delivered as part of their education, encouraging a balanced and well-rounded experience for your students and teachers. Even if a student doesn’t move on to have a career in the music or creative industries the proven benefits of music across all areas of study justifies the subjects place in our education system.

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